Friday, November 13, 2015

Summer 2015 Trend: 70s Influence

I've really noticed a big influence in fashion lately from two similar eras from the 20th century. The seventies and the nineties. I say similar because I am referring to the muted, simple nineties style that's prominent now (not the late 90s Spice Girls movement) and quite close in style to the earthy, fitted style from the 70s.

Do I make sense?? Maybe I'm crazy but I definitely see a correlation between the two.
Well let me focus this post on the seventies, because well it came first!

Off the shoulder cropped tops are everywhere at the moment! I love the eyelet material used in a lot of these. It's so fresh and summery and light. Pair this with some 70s staples like high-waisted bell bottom jeans perhaps? Light washed if you want to keep it current. Or maybe with a high-waisted button-down suede skirt- an epic 70s piece. You could also use a 70s print on a more modern design like the shorts below. Again in high waisted format because the fashion rules demand that all crop tops must be worn with high-waisted belly buttons people!!

If it's too much to rock a 70s ensemble, why not throw in some 70s accessories. A suede satchel, round framed glasses or a flower headband!!

Below are some of my favorite picks for this 70s trend. Will you be rocking any of these this summer??
70s style

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