Friday, December 18, 2015

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

I've always loved playing around with new skin care products. Once I finish one bottle up, I start researching a new product and go out and try it on my skin. I always feel there is something exciting that my skin is going to just love and soak up, so I try and find it! I love face masks, and peels and serums and scrubs and well, thankfully I'm in that industry!!

When I got pregnant though, I decided it was best to really minimize my skincare routine into a few key products that I knew my skin loved and didn't react to. Now was definitely not the time to try new products. I also wanted to steer clear of any harsh active ingredients like salicylic acids, peels, AHAs etc.

Also my usually oily skin type changed to a more normal/dry condition and so I had to alter a couple of products.

First my holy grail face wash is and has been for a long time now, Simple Moisturizing Face Wash. It removes makeup in one wash as well cleanse my skin thoroughly.  My skin always thanks me when I go back to this little beauty.

If I am feeling super lazy then I love to use a face wipe to remove my makeup. I used to use wipes from Simple to keep everything streamlined but I recently discovered these fun wipes from Kmart. They are only $2 a packet, travel sized and smell like coconut and vanilla. (Note: I cant see where you can get them online but they are in the travel sized section in the beauty department). I was scared to try something different on my skin but these wipes are great, remove everything and smell amazing!!!

I also really enjoy using the Simple Micellar Water if I have really stubborn eye makeup to remove. Just squirt some on a makeup pad and it wipes straight off!

After speaking to a beauty therapist recently I got told that a toner is more of a luxury, not a necessity; so I skipped this step recently and honestly my skin enjoys it. For moisturizer I had to skip my usual oil free lotions for something thicker. I also found that my pesky eczema was appearing on my forehead and I was super dry and remarkably the only thing that worked for me was Aveeno body moisturizer.  Usually I do not recommend using body moisturizer on your face but this is the only thing that worked for me.

For those days that I need to scrub my face, I really enjoy using the St Ives line. Whilst being pregnant I've stuck with the basic Apricot Invigorating Scrub . It's the only scrub that I feel actually exfoliates my skin well.

If I feel like a bit of a pamper and face mask, I go for my Palmers Purifying clay mask (I think this is discontinued).

I haven't used any eye creams, treatments or serums in over 9 months and my skin actually has been the clearest it has in forever. Granted a lot of that is probably due to Pregnancy hormones but still.

I must admit I am itching to get out and try some other exciting products ASAP once bub gets here. Not really replacing anything but adding, such as retinol serums, AHAs and peels that can improve my skin tone and pigmentation.

Until then, these amazing products are winning with my skin.

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