Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Outfits

Had some fun today playing around with outfit ideas this summer. To say that I am excited to play around with normal fashion again once bubs arrives is an understatement :)

So, my 4 outfits below are fun, modest and flirty outfits suitable for both young mums and those without children running around. I avoided using any fussy items or heeled shoes.

summer 2015

The first outfit embraces the rose gold trend. The boxy shape of the top is surprisingly flattering and I love a midi skirt. I kept the accessories neutral but they still pack a punch.

The second outfit is perfect for a really hot day and utilizes the "off the shoulder" trend. The green sticks with the 70s influence, as do the round sunglasses. Slides are very on trend this season.

The next outfit pairs another skirt in a suede material which lends to both the 90s for the colour and shape, and 70s with the material. Paired with a crisp white cami and gorgeous duster vest. This is a practical but cute outfit.

Last I paired some cream jeans for a cooler day and paired with a denim top. I added brown leather sandals and brown leather fringe bag, both on trend yet super comfy and practical for a mum.

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