Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Summer Trend: Broderie Anglaise

You know that summer is near when you start see an overload of crisp lacy fabrics hitting your favorite stores. My personal favorite fabric for summer is the gorgeous Broderie Anglaise. This fabric is identifiable by little holes that have their edges embroidered and usually in gorgeous floral or paisley designs. I love this fabric in a crisp white but I am also partial to anything pastels as well.

Below are some examples of Broderie Anglaise items that you can wear this summer. A little dress looks beautiful in this fabric or a nice white top paired with some jeans.

I've seen so many cute skirts and shorts appearing which are a great scene stealer, and why not purchase some little intimates because, well who doesn't want to feel cute in their undies??

Broderie Anglaise

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