Sunday, October 30, 2016

Natural Makeup | Glam Life

This is my go to makeup look. It's quick, it's simple, it only uses a few products and it's just and nice fresh look for everyday.

Let me talk you through how I do it!

1. Start out with fresh, moisturised skin. Apply an oil free sunscreen now and let it sink in.

2. After applying some mattifying primer on my nose and cheeks, I apply my foundation and work in with a damp beauty sponge. Try and keep it sheer to medium coverage. Nothing too heavy. If you have problem skin, use concealer to spot conceal.

3. I apply concealer under my eyes and on any problem areas. I again use a damp beauty sponges to work in for a flawless finish. Lightly dust your face with a translucent powder.

4. Using a contour trio pallette (blush, contour & highlighter), I apply the contour colour below my cheekbones. Go from the middle of your ear towards your mouth but only going as far as in line with the outer part of your eye. Blend it out. I then apply the blush to the apples of my cheek and blend upward towards the top of my ear. Lastly light sweep some highlighter ontop of the cheek bones.  All three colours should blend seamlessly into each other.

5. Using the same contour pallette, use a fluffy brush to apply contour colour to the the crease of your lid. You want to look straight ahead in a mirror and place your brush under your browbone and apply in a windscreen wiper motion. You want to just be able to see this shadow with your eye open. Slightly bring it up a little on the outer corner and blend.

6. With the blush colour, apply with a flat shadow brush all over the lid. Use a fluffy brush to blend any lines. I then grab the highlight colour and apply to the inner corners of the eye.

7. Using a dome or pencil brush, apply she blush colour under your lash line, keeping the density to the outter eye. Grab some of the contour colour and blend in as well. Don't bring the colour into inner corner- fade it out.

8. Keep brows natural by using a tinted brow gel and brush into place.

9. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara (each coat should be about 10-15 swipes - move onto next eye and them go back for second coat)

I love a pink lip on myself but choose your favorite summery colour like coral, nude, rose etc and apply.

God bless

Friday, October 28, 2016

Rice & Kale Bowl | In The Kitchen

I love cooking shows. My TV, when it's on, is usually on the Food Network (unless ABC kids is on lol).

I was watching an episode of Tia Mowrys cooking show and she had this delicious looking quinoa breakfast bowl (linked here) and I wanted to recreate it and tweak it a little to suit more of a lunch time meal, and also I am not a fan of quinoa - so rice it is!

Please note that it is personal preference on measurements and how much you want of each's not a cake - no need for measuring :)
I will put down my approximates though....

Side note: I'm a kale chips convert!!!

Rice & Kale Bowl

1/2 Cup of Brown rice
80g BBQ chicken (hot from supermarket)
1 large egg
Handful of Kale chips (used this recipe)
Salt and Pepper
Hot sauce
1 TBSP Parmesen cheese
1 TSP Marjoram
1/2 TSP Smoked Paprika
1 TSP Garlic Aoli
1 TBSP Chipotle Sauce
Salt and Pepper

1. Make up some kale chips as per recipe above or however you like to make them.

2. Heat up some brown rice. I had microwave packets and stored remains in fridge.

3. Into the rice, mix marjoram, aoli, salt, pepper and smoked paprika.  You can use any sauce/spice/herb combo that you wish.

4. Fry an egg in your favourite vegetable oil.

5. If needed, reheat your BBQ chicken with any method you prefer.

6. Spoon some rice mixture into a bowl. Sprinkle the kale chips on top to one side. Add some chicken next to the kale and then place your egg slightly covering the kale and chicken (presentation is key!)

7. Sprinkle with some more salt and pepper. Add a dash of hot sauce (ore more) and finish with some parmesen cheese.


God bless

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tropical Days | Style Me Up

Tropical prints are so on trend on right now. They are on homeware items, accessories and clothing fabrics everywhere.

You don't have to be on a beach to pull off the tropical look. In fact, wearing tropical prints does not mean you have to look like you are on an island either.

Below I have put together 4 looks for work, brunch, night out and weekend, to help give you some ideas on how you could wear your next tropical buy!

Tropical Days

Tropical Days


• Don't go crazy mixing prints

• Pick out a colour from the print and match your accessories or other clothing items to it.

• Denim is a neutral item- pair with any print.

• If prints are too much for you, maybe pick out one of these fun items to get yourself on the bandwagon

Tropical extras

God bless x

Monday, October 24, 2016

Moving on out | #Life

This past month, Ava has transitioned into her own bedroom. Can I honestly tell you, that's it has been really hard!

I'm an anxious person anyway, and having her in another room, where I cant peer over and check on her, is excruciating at times.

I remember back to when we first had her. I could not understand how you could go to sleep with such a precious life relying on you. How can you stop watching her and keep her safe?? It took a few nights for me to finally sleep properly, and from then I was fine. At this time she was sleeping between Jeremy and I in a specially designed co- sleeping bed (which I HIGHLY recommend and will link here) and so could hear her breathing easily and I learnt quickly that I would wake at the slightest whimper from her - which made me relax knowing I would wake if she needed me.

Then we had to transition her into her own bed, next to our bed. This was pretty painless for me, and took maybe one or two nights to get used to - as she wasn't too much further away.

But it has been this way for the past 8 months, with her being so close to me and I was happy and used to it and I honestly wasn't ready for the her big move to the next room - but we decided that it was best that we get our room back to being just ours, and that she have her own space of her own.

Like I've said, it's been an adjustment for me, especially with my anxiety over her wellbeing....... Is she breathing? Is she cold? Is she comfortable? What was that noise? Is she ok? It's like a constant war zone in my head.

But honestly she is so much happier in her own room (it's likes she graduated and doesn't need me anymore!!??)

Some nights I have brought her into our bed for some of my own piece of mind but she has hated it. She would toss and turn and hit us in the face with her random flinches and she just never seemed to get comfortable. So, I had to relinquish her back to her room where she immediately got comfortable and dropped into a deep sleep. (At that point of the night, I too fell straight asleep once back in bed).

That's not to say that we don't get the odd whinge in the night to come into Mummy & Daddys bed for a cuddle (which I secretly love) and on those nights we happily bring her in for a snuggle and a little power snooze. But we often find that she gets fidgety (and we do too), so I put her back in her room soon after.

So I want to say, that it is hard. It's so hard to put some space between you and your child and it will hurt sometimes but it's healthy and it's part of the process.

Bubba is growing up and I can't stop it!!

How did you go with these transitions?

God Bless

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beauty Tools & Extras | Glam Life

In my last Glam Life post, I detailed my daily makeup routine and the products I use.

Today I want to share with you a few of my 'cant live without' tools and extra products that I use daily.

▪ Real Techniques Sponge
I use this every day for my foundations. I dampen it and then squeeze out the excess water. I dot foundation onto my face and then with a dabbing motion with the sponge, I blend it all in. It leaves such a beautiful airbrushed but also natural finish. No heavy lines or cakiness.

▪ ELF Brushes
I love my ELF brushes.  They are so affordable and readily available at Kmart or online. I find their quality to be just as good as some of my higher end brands.

▪ Napoleon Perdis Blending Brush 10r
This was my ultimate brush when I worked for Napoleon and I was sure to buy one when I went into freelancing. It so soft yet dense and blends eyeshadows out amazingly. I have also used it to blend out liquid concealers under the eyes, to give an airbrushed finish.

▪ Daiso Detergent for Puff & Sponge
This stuff is all you need for cleaning your brushes and sponges. It's had a cult following on social media as of late and for good reason. It's best known for how well it cleans beauty sponges. It literally melts foundation out of the sponge like magic. It's under $3 at Daiso too!!

Ebay brushes 
So I've picked up two amazing brushes from a no name brand on ebay. The first being a foundation brush that is pointy and dense. It was around $2 and just as good as the expensive brands. The other brush is a dense fan brush, which is great for swiping some highlighter onto cheekbones. If you search makeup brushes on ebay, lots of options will come up in these styles.

▪ Sukin Facial Treatment Oil
I find that placing a little oil under eyes, helps with stopping foundation and concealer settling into the fine lines and wrinkles.

Sukin Hydrating Toner
I have become obssessed with spritzing my face once I'm finished my makeup - especially if I've powdered my face. It just makes your makeup finish appear more natural by removing an powder residue and leaving you a little dewy. I like to do this before I apply mascara (I do mascara last).

▪ Garnier Perfect Blur
I love to use a mattifying and pore minimising primer on my nose before applying foundation. This will stop any oiliness on my nose, aswell as fill in my pores to create an even canvas.

What are your must have tools and extras?

God Bless

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mixed Berry Pastry | In The Kitchen

Today I want to share with you a super easy and delicious idea for an afternoon treat. As with all treats, it should only be eaten in moderation but you can also substitute or remove the sugar all together to make it better for you!

I came up with this recipe when I had some left over filo pastry in the freezer and had a sudden sweet craving.

Mixed Berry Pastry
4 or 5 sheets of Filo Pastry
1/2 cup Mixed Berries
1 TBSP Cocoa powder
2 TBSP White Sugar (or substitute)
1/2 TSP Cinnamon
1 TSP Vanilla Essence
1 TSP Corn Flour
2 TBSP Butter

1. Remove pastry from freezer atleast 1 hour before using.  (I was impatient and ended up with lots of cracked patient). You also want to have you oven preheated to 180°c and have a tray lined with baking paper ready to go.

2. In the meantime, prepare the filling by adding berries, cinnamon, cocoa, sugar and vanilla to a bowl and mix so berries are coated. Put in the microwave for 1 minute to warm up the berries and heat some of the sugar.

3. With a fork, press the warm berries to release some juices and mix around so there a sauce forms with the berries.

4. Sprinkle the corn flour into mixture to thicken the sauce up. Make sure to taste to ensure right balance of sweetness. Add more sugar if too much cocoa.

5. To prepare pastry, have a clean work surface and have a bowl ready with the melted butter. Lay a sheet down at time and brush each layer. Layer about 4 or 5 sheets.

6. Spoon the mixture into centre of the pastry and then fold up the sides. You can make any shape that you wish. Brush a little more butter on the top and sprinkle with some extra sugar.

7. Place the pastry on the baking tray and bake in the oven. I find it best to keep and eye on the pastry. After about 15 minutes check on it for browning around the edges. The pastry is the only part we are really cooking so it's easy to keep track of it by sight.

My oven has a stronger element at the bottom so it cooks underneath quicker. In my case, I then have to turn on the grill to brown the top.

Enjoy the pastry!!!!

God bless

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Melbourne Cup | Style Me Up

The big race week is coming in Australia. It's Melbourne Cup and it's known as the 'Race that stops the nation' and it really does. It falls around the last weekend of October. This year it will be from Sunday the 30th of October to Wednesday the 2nd of November.

 While Melbourne itself has a public holiday for the event, everywhere else in Australia takes the Tuesday (if work allows them)to go to events and functions to have cocktails and canapĂ© and dress up to the nines.

 Cup week involves 4 days of racing, and each day has its own theme for 'fashions on the field'. I have outlined the days below, with an example of an outfit that you could wear to the day!

Melbourne Cup

Derby Day (Sunday)
Traditionally a day for black and white outfits. Keep it classic with a little black dress in a conservative cut.

Oaks Day (Monday)
Often referred to as 'Ladies Day', it the day to go with lace, pastels and Florals.

Cup Day (Tuesday)
This is the day to go super trendy with bright colours, fun cuts and over the top fascinator. Make sure that you keep the cut below the knew for modesty sake and tradition.

Stakes Day (Wednesday)
Typically more of a family day, it's acceptable to wear more relaxed dresses. Opt for wedges and maybe a wide brimmed hat.

 What will you wear to the races?
 God Bless

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mummy Lessons | #Life

I've been a mum for nearly 10 months now. It's has been the most exciting, exhausting, emotional and all round BEST thing thing that I have ever done.

Along the way I have learnt many lessons about motherhood and pregnancy as well.

So I have compiled a list of things that I have learnt so far over the last year and half of carrying, meeting and living with my gorgeous daughter, Ava.

Here we go.......

● Don't Google anything. Just don't do it. Ask a doctor or pharmacist.

● Your parents/grandparents will be an encyclopaedia of info....get as much information from them as you can. My mum was on speed dial.

● Women have been having babies for thousands of years.... don't get caught up in all the rules and social conduct of pregnancy and motherhood. Just follow medical advice and then relax!

● Dressing a bump is so much fun!

● Don't bother planning your labour. It will NEVER go to plan.

● Plan a meal with everything you couldn't eat while pregnant, to have when you check out. (Note: I didn't breastfeed so I didn't have to avoid foods, so check with doctor first).

On that note....
● If you can't breastfeed, it's not the end of the world. As long as your baby is getting fed and growing well - then you are doing amazing. Sometimes breat isn't always best - it wasn't in my case!

● You won't put your baby down for maybe...ummm 3 weeks! I didn't want to leave her for a second. It's ok, enjoy the cuddles.

● You don't need all the gadgets. Baby probably won't like half of them anyway so don't waste the money.

● Target, Big W and even Ebay sell amazing and cheap baby clothes. Don't bother with expensive brands as they will dirty it and grow out of it really quickly anyway.

● Support local markets for baby clothes. Really affordable and one of kind clothes!

● Big packs of fabric nappies ate a MUST. From cleaning vomit to using as a play mat...amazing.

● Cuddles are more important than anything. Yes it's good to be strict with routine and nap times etc.... but cuddles won't be so common soon so enjoy them.

● Mess is ok- you will be Ok.

● Record all the milestones down and make lot of memories. Take alot of videos and photos

● Nothing else matters as long is bub is ok

● Do date nights....DO IT!!

● and while on date night, don't talk about the baby - act like a new couple again.

What things have you leant since being a mum or dad?

God Bless

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Current Skincare Routine | Glam Life

Skincare is so important. You cannot get your makeup looking right if your skin is not in the best condition. Ofcourse you can layer on the concealer and radiant primer but why do you want to fake it when you can get your skin looking like that naturally???

You've heard the rules about taking your makeup off properly and never going to bed with makeup on.  These are all so true and so important to live by. Sure you can wipe your makeup off with a makeup wipe and be done with it but it's time to start valuing your skin a little more.

{ Fresh faced and ready for makeup! }

It's your largest organ and with simple skincare you can really bring out the best it has to offer which leads to you looking healthy, fresh and ultimately glowing.

Over the years Ive stuck to a pretty basic routine of face wash, astringent & moisturiser. I'd use a scrub once a month maybe and a mask was left for girly sleepovers. Last year, while I was pregnant my skin dried up alot so I went VERY basic, with just a cleanser and a moisturiser. However, I knew I had to step it up a little as I am fast approaching my 30s and I need to care for my skin (and fine lines) a little more.

Recently I came across a lady by the name of Caroline Hirons. Her name was being splashed around a pro page that I am apart of, and everyone was raving that her skincare routine was their holy grail find on the Internet. Ofcourse, I had to get a piece of the action.

 Basically she sets out a very basic, all skin types skin care routine that anyone can follow. It tells what you need, what's rubbish and what order to use. She doesn't really go into details on specific brands (although she sometimes does a top 5 recommendations if requested) but instead goes into ingredients to look for.
The link to her blog post is here and I highly recommend having a read.

I decided to base my routine on her recommendations and have come up my current skincare routine.

1. Using Simple Micellar Water on a makeup pad, I hold the pads over my lids for a little and then quickly over the rest of my face.

2. I give a second cleanse of my face with CROP Gentle Cleansing Gel and rinse.

3. I then soak a makeup pad with Woolworths Select Daily Balance Soothing Toner and wipe over my whole face except the eyes.

4. I spritz my face with Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner for some hydration.

5. I apply some Lacura Aqua Complete Eye Gel under my eyes and outter corners.

6. Then I drop some Yuva H2o serum all over my face and let it dry. If I'm feeling really dry, I'll use the Sukin Facial Treatment Oil as well.

7. Lastly I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion to lock in all the goodness.

Once or twice a week I will use my Sanctuary Spa Warming Microbrasion Polish and my Swisse Manuka Honey mask.

Why do I use body moisture?  - well, when I was pregnant I got so dry that eczema started to appear on my face. I have found, after years of trying creams, ointments lotions, that this Aveeno moisturiser is the only thing that calms and heals my eczema almost immediately. It contains Collidal Oatmeal which soothes skin conditions. It also worked on my face, and my skin looked and felt I kept doing and having looked back!!

What does your skincare routine look like?
God Bless

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Smoothie bowl | In The Kitchen

Smoothie bowls are such a huge trend at the moment. You can find them in pretty much every breakfast cafe that you walk into - and for good reason too!

They are so nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals. You can create so many different flavour combinations in the smoothie and then as well with the toppings.

Acai is very popular with smoothie bowls but I unfortunately don't like them. I find them too tart for my liking, so I decided to make myself a peanut butter & chocolate smoothie bowl to full me up for breaky with healthy goodness aswell as hitting my sweet tooth.

My recipe is vegan as as I am trying out a plant based diet for a couple weeks. You can substitute in some dairy products if you wish and it still taste amazing.

Choc Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl 

1 Frozen Banana
Small handful of frozen berries
1 TBSP natural peanut butter
1 TBSP Pea Protein  (unflavoured)
1 TBSP Sugar free drinking chocolate
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1 TSP Vanilla Essence
Handful of granola or muesli
1 TBSP of Shredded Coconut
Handful of Blueberries
Half a fresh banana
(Optional: Baby Spinach)


1. In a cafe style blender, add in the milk, frozen banana, pea protein, peanut butter , vanilla and drinking chocolate. I also added a small amount of frozen berries for extra fruit but not enough to detract from the choc peanut flavour. I blend this up using the pulse button. It needs to be rather thick.
(You can add baby spinach or kale for extra goodness)

2. Pour into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings. I chose fresh banana, fresh Blueberries, toasted muesli & shredded coconut.

3. Enjoy the yuminess!

What is your favourite flavour smoothie bowl?


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cold Shoulder | Style Me Up

So we all know and see the cold shoulder trend. It's everywhere!

There a few ways that it's being presented, mainly as completely off the shoulder or with a strap still present to hold the top up. For those with a bigger bust, the latter may be better as you can still wear a decent bra to hold them ladies up!

Many wonder, how do I rock up this look for different occasions. So, I have put together four outfits to give you an idea on how you wear this trend to any event this season!

Cold Shoulder

Are you going to jump onto this trend?

God Bless

Monday, October 10, 2016

Decorating Inspiration | #Life

Moving house is the worse.

Like really, it sucks big time. I hate packing, and hate living in that limbo state and I hate the reminants of moving boxes around the house.

We moved house about a month ago now. We were very excited to buy our first home and I was looking forward to having kit own place to make changes to and decorate.
My style up until recently was very cozy and rustic feeling. Lots of creams, greys and greenery. I had wicker accents around the house as well as vintage style items that I had collected over the years. It was a style that I had implemented back in early 2014 and had finally mastered by the end of 2015.......

but earlier this I grew sick of the drab scheme. Scrolling through Pinterest (as I did alot while bub slept on me) I became very intrigued by the electric style that kept coming up on my feed. It was so different and bright and I just fell in love.

I started pinning like crazy and started planning  the decor for when we bought a house. I loved Moroccon decor, bright colours, Indian fabrics, palm trees and ferns and metallic accents. We kept an eye out for items whenever we went shopping and kept a stockpile in the cupboard in anticipation for the big move.
Home Inspo

Over the next few #Life post I'm going share our decorating journey and any stores I suggest or tips I've picked up along the way.

Here is a list of what we found to be the best stores for decorating your house on a budget.

● Kmart, Target & Big W - You can find some amazing items in these stores at fantastic prices. They are so on trend with their items so you are bound  to find what you are looking for.
BEST FOR: Side tables, mirrors, towels, art works & utensils

● Pillowtalk Home (formerly MUSE) - this place is a goldmine especially when the sales are on. They also have a great loyalty program.
BEST FOR: Vases, photo frames, cushions & rugs.

● Earthborn- We have a clearance store near us so we find so many great bargains here.
BEST FOR: Interesting shelf pieces, table runners & photo frames.

● Bed, Bath & Table - Again we have a clearance store nearby so we get items at great discounts.
GREAT FOR: Placemats, dinnerware & Christmas decor.

● Ebay - Needless to say, so an avid Ebay-er, I kept my eye out for some decor items and it certainly delivered.
BEST FOR: Bright cushion covers

● Spotlight - This a place you want to head to if they are having a sale as they can be a little pricey normally.
BEST FOR: Manchester & candles

● Tree Of Life- If you are after eclectic decor then this is an amazing mecca.
BEST FOR: Rugs, throws and cushions

● Typo - We found quirky pieces for around the house with fun prints and quotes in them.
BEST FOR: Wooden letters, quirky prints, calendars, items with fun quotes.

● Discount Stores (Stacks, Choice, Reject Store etc) - alot of these stores stock fun art works, bright frames and bright furniture items. We even found some turkish towels in bright colours!!
BEST FOR: Artworks, frames & vases.

What are some of your favourite decor stores?

God Bless

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Everyday Spring Makeup Routine | Glam Life

Today I wanted to share my general every day makeup routine.
There are some thing to know about me before I get started.

1. I am a makeup artist so I tend to use more products than you would generally need to use on a day to day basis - but that's because I find!

2. Whilst I use pro products in my professional kit, I stick to drugstore/affordable makeup on myself. The reason for this is firstly because I can't bring myself to spend alot of money on myself, especially now that I'm a mum; and secondly because I find I can get amazing quality products in the drugstore.

3. I have combination skin type.

So before I begin I apply some mattifying primer to my nose. I get quite oily and have large pores in that area. I use Maybelline Baby Skin instant Pore Eraser for this. I dont really use an all over primer for every day wear. I just make sure I have moisturised with daily moisturiser first. 
For foundation I have recently been using Models Prefer Argan Natural Foundation (Nude). As its labelled it's a natural finish, meaning not matte and not too dewy either. To apply this, I use the Real Techniques Sponge. I then conceal with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer  (Shade 10), under me eyes and on any spots. I set this all with Australis Fresh & Flawless powder (Natural).

I then move onto cheeks by contouring my cheekbones with the brown shade in my BYS Contour Trio (01 Sassy). I then add a pink shade to my cheeks with the Mode Blush (Sweetheart).  For a summery glow I lightly brush a little of the Red Earth Endless Summer Bronzer (3 Tropical Night) on the top of my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

For eyes I generally take my bronzer again and with a  fluffy brush I sweep it over my lids and up into my crease and brow bone towards temple (to create a soft wing). I keep it very light and blended out alot. I will often alternate my days with a more defined eye and crease by using my Stila 'Eyes Are The Windows To the Soul' Palette (Mind) im feeling more adventurous I will use my I then sweep some on my lower lashline as well. I apply several coats of my Essence Lash Princess Mascara and once dry I will blend a small amount of the ivory shade from my Santee Shimmer Palette.

At this point if I feel my skin looks too matte, I will use a setting spray - right now I alternate between MAC Fix+ & Sukin Toning spray.

I move onto brows and with the NYX Micro brow pencil (05 Ash Brown) I use a feathering motion to dark and fill in my brows; making the darker and more defined towards to tail. I set this with Essence 'Make Me Brow' gel (01 Blondy Brows).

At this point I use a dense fan brush to sweep a little of the Santee ivory shimmer on top my cheek bones and cupid bow and throw on a pinky shade of lipstick. At the moment I'm like Essence long-lasting lipsticks (06 Barely There & 13 Love Me) and Essence Refreshing Lipstick  (01 Pink Parrot).

What are you favorite products to use for your everyday makeup routine?

God Bless

Friday, October 7, 2016

Chefs Wife | In The Kitchen

So what are the perks of being a chefs wife?
Well, there's of course the obvious upside of having your very own personal chef. It doesn't always happen but luckily for me I've had 2 meals cooked for me this week - TWO!! (I'm trying for 3 ...hehe)

Oh, another upside is trying fun and interesting new restaurants and eateries in the name of "research". I've become quite a foodie since meeting my husband and to the extent that he often comments that I am the tougher critic! It's true though, I am a hard woman to please in the kitchen but boy can my man cook!

Any down sides - well I hardly get to see him! Which is currently changing (Thank the Lord) due to a little shifting and changing at his work  - so YAY I get my husband back.

ANYWAY I wanted to share a dish my man made for my mum, Ava and I last night. Granted Ava threw most of it on the floor but don't let that deter you from trying out this scrumptious meal for dinner one time.

I got the initial recipe from Pinterest ofcourse and I'll include the link for those who want to follow by the book :)


 So basically I had every intention of cooking this meal and following the recipe to a T. But when I asked Jeremy to cut the chicken up for me (yuck) he offered to continue with the whole meal. Of course I wouldn't say no to that!!
So after a quick peek at the recipe he carried out his magic and added a few extra ingredients like prosciutto and goats cheese to amp it up even more.

Theres is nothing more to say but, It was amazing.

Let me know if you decide to cook this up for dinner by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram!

God bless

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spring | Style Me Up

I was counting down the days till Spring this year. I was so excited to finally get out of jeans and cardigans (#goldcoastwinter sigh) and into light materials and bright colours. And we are finally here......

So, let's talk trends.

I've noticed a couple stand out trends this season that are popping up in all the stores and have condensed them down into a some key take note, this is your guide for Spring 2016.

spring edit 2016

☆ Light wash denim - in everything from dresses, shirts and of course shorts.

☆ Tropical - Palm trees, parrots and pineapples are popping up on everything! Try a tropical floral to keep it simple.

☆ Cold Shoulder - Off the shoulder & cold shoulders  (cut out at shoulder) are so massive. It's probably the biggest of all the trends to hit this season.

☆ Midi & Maxi Dresses - In every store I see midi and maxi dresses which is amazing for any Mums reading!! The shape this season is about sleeves, wrap or button front and thigh splits. So flattering on most shapes as they hug around the waste, show a little leg and also let you wear a proper supportive bra! Look for very light weight materials.

☆ Shirt Dresses - Whilst we are talking about flattering cuts, shirt dresses are back. Opt for a more relaxed fit with a tie or belt around the waist. Look for lightweight materials such as chambray or cotton.

☆ White sneakers - Namely Adidas Superstar Classics are back!! I still love a converse as well though.

☆ Patches - Those loud, crazy patches from the 80s are making waves right now, particular when they are sewn onto denim items.

☆ Yellow - Maybe I was just on the hunt.l for yellow but I love this colour for summer.

☆ Rose Gold Reflective- Sunglasses that is...they are popping up everywhere on my feeds.

Show me your Spring buys by tagging me in your posts with #lovejulzfashion

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God Bless ♡

Sunday, October 2, 2016


October 2016..........

I am here. I made it to 9 months with a bub. It has honestly been the best 9 months of my life and the most exhausting.

I love being  a mum (as most mums will tell you) but I feel it is time to start doing something fun. Something for me. Something that I can switch my mind over and think about in my (limited) free time and keep my brain working hard.

This blog has been a project of mine since mid 2010 -  over 6 years ago, and I feel like I am ready to come back and put my heart into it again.

This time around, I want to spread my wings a little further into different aspects of my life. Before I focused predominantly on fashion but now I am going to spend time each week touching on beauty, life, food, parenting as well - and of course my faith which works in all aspects of my life.

My goal is to post four times a week with a different topic each day.

~ #Life on Mondays

~ Style Me Up on Wednesdays

~ In the Kitchen on Fridays

~ Glam Life on Sundays

This is a goal- not a strict schedule, because as we all know- Bub makes the rules ha-ha.

But I am looking forward to sharing new things about me that can hopefully inspire you!
Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and come share life with me!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Summer Trend: Swimwear 2016

Being that it is right in the middle of summer in Australia, it makes sense to dedicate a post to swimwear. Being an Aussie, and more specially a Queenslander, swimwear is unapologetically our state uniform.

This year I have noticed that swimwear has taken a more modest direction; with high wasited bottoms, high neck tops and one pieces in general, being the top picks for the season.

The high waisted bottoms are amazing for us mums who want to hide the post bub paunch but still look sexy in a two piece. The high neck top is keeping in line with the post that I recently put up on this summers big trend, that translates into other items in your wardrobe as well as your swimwear items. My tips would be to pick whether you want to go high on your waist line or neckline and focus on that and keep the other part of your bikini quite basic and muted.

If bikinis aren't your thing, then one pieces are still making a splash. Again high necks are popular as well as geometric cut outs.

Emphasised and colour blocked boning was a big trend in bikinis in 2015 and it looks like it is sticking around, and I have seen it pop up on one pieces as well.

Finally I had to include my favourite style of bikini, the bandeau and I'm a sucker for a gorgeous feminine floral print like the bikini below


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively

One of my favourite celebrities of all time would have to be Blake Lively. I was a big fan of her first big film, The Sisterhood of the Travellers Pants and I watched her every week in Gossip Girl.

Blake is a family woman, having married heart throb Ryan Reynolds in 2012, and recently welcomed a little girl into their clan.  She is absolutely stunning, appears to be quite down to earth and seems to have a great sense of humor on top, proving why I just love this stylish lady.

Below are some of my top picks from her extensive fashion repertoire.

Blake lively 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Late Pregnancy & Delivery Story

On the 29th December I finally got to meet my gorgeous daughter Ava. If you haven't already read my pregnancy recap then you can go here to read that before continuing on with this post.
My recap above was posted around the 35 week mark, so I was almost there but still had a bit to go.

The last 5 weeks of my pregnancy is a blur now of feeling tired, frustrated, nervous and excited. They say that the last 5 weeks drag on and while your in it, it certainly does. I was so ready to just meet her and to have some normalcy with my body again. I felt so stretched beyond belief and so uncomfortable.

Due to the fact that I had gestational diabetes, there was a chance that I may of needed to get induced earlier than my due date to prevent Ava from growing too big. By the end, I had no idea on what plan my obstetricians wanted to take; again very frustrating as every appointment it would always be a case of "oh we will see how you go at your next visit but everything looks OK for now".

Finally at my 39 week appointment, a decision was made to book me in for an induction the following week. I was super nervous and excited. I still had to get through Christmas though which thankfully made the time fly by in the meantime.

Monday 28th December rolled around and I checked into the maternity ward at around 5pm. I was hooked up to the monitor in anticipation to have Prostaglandin Gel. After 3 hours of waiting for Ava's heart rate to even out, I received the gel and was sent to my private room to wait out for 6 hours to see if anything started. 2am rolled around and I got a second lot of gel, which thankfully kicked off some mild contractions for me 2 hours later. By the time 6 hours had lapsed since the 2nd lot of gel, at 8am,  they decided I was far enough dilated to break my waters.

At this point I was moved to my birthing suite room and I took up residence in the shower. I lasted about an hour in the shower before I needed some pain relief....gas! They also now hooked me up to the Syntocinon drip to get my labour moving along.

I found the gas to really take the edge off my contractions and found that laying on my back with the bed back raised to be the most comfortable position. I used the gas for around about 4-5 hours but I got to a point where the pain became too much and I was feeling too dizzy and groggy from the gas. I was only 2cm dilated and moving along really slowly because they couldn't up my doses of Syntocinon due to it making Ava's heart rate spike. This is when I opted for an epidural.

The epidural was great! I went numb from the waist down (could move and use legs but couldnt feel pain or temperature) and whilst you receive a constant dose of the drug at a average level, I was able to top up my dose with an extra bit every 15 minutes if I felt the need. By now it was 4pm and I hadn't slept properly since 2 nights before and I took the time to get rest. I also kept topping up my epidural and funnily enough rendered by legs had to ease off the button a little haha.

By 9pm (17hours since I first got contractions) I was only at 3.5cm dilated and they were unable to up my dosage any higher for fear of distressing Ava. So they decided they needed to do a Cesarean Section. So I got prepped and my husband put on his scrubs and met me in the operating theater.  I was given local anesthetic, so was awake for the procedure. You can still feel pressure and pulling but no pain or temperature. However, it is not a comfortable experience. The tugging is so cringe worthy that I spent the whole time with a scrunched look on my face as they dug and pulled Ava out of me.

I cried as soon as they showed her to me. It is the most surreal feeling meeting your baby for the first time. You cannot prepare for the emotions of it. They tried to put her on my chest for skin-to-skin bonding and whilst i was able to calm her down immediately with my voice, I very quickly got nauseous and had to have her taken off me. Jeremy took over and held and calmed her down while they tended to me.

At this point they were manually contracting my uterus back down before stitching me back up and unfortunately they were working in an upper area of my torso which wasn't numbed and I could feel it all. They noticed I was crying and when they knew, they stepped away and upped my anesthetic before continuing on. This was a little scary to experience but thankfully was rectified pretty quickly.

I was then wheeled to recovery and planned to hold and feed Ava but developed a pretty severe case of shivering/clenching as the drugs wore off. I couldn't hold her as my whole upper body would convulse with shaking and clenching (jaw and hands) every minute for about an hour post theater. They managed to get her latched on me for her first feed and by the time she finished feeding I was passed the shaking, and able to cuddle her.

My labour and delivery was long, but bearable due to the drugs and I would certainly do it all again. The cesaean section was completely unexpected and the procedure and recovery was not something I had researched. I ended up in hospital for a total of 4 nights and very thoroughly enjoyed the experience and care of the hospital.

Right now, I am 3 weeks postpartum and that day feels like a lifetime ago. I will do a post on on the first month postpartum and the cesarean recovery process in the next couple of weeks and plan to do monthly updated over the next 12 months of her life.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Peoples Choice Awards 2016

This past couple weeks have been an absolute blur for me.

With Christmas and family visiting, and then the birth of my daughter; it's been super hectic and my usual viewing of the awards red carpet have taken a little bit of a back seat.

However I didn't want to just the award shows go by without scoping out the red carpet and picking out my best dressed celebrities.
This year, for the Peoples Choice Awards, the best dressed for me conveniently were the cast of Pretty Little Liars.

Ashley looked super sexy in her figure hugging black dress by Philipp Plein. Troian looked elegant in her printed long gown by Caterina Gatta. Shay also stood out in a black gown with a thigh high slit by Haney. And my absolute favourite from the evening was the gorgeous black lacy Self-Portrait dress worn by Lucy.

people's choice 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Trend: High Neck

I'm really loving a current trend that the moment. Be it that I'm over cleavage baring things, or whatever, but high neck tops, dresses and swimming ensembles are huge right now and I couldn't be happier. Bring on a little more modesty I say. I love trends that are a little more demure.

Don't get me wrong though. We aren't talking Little House on the Prairie here. You can still be super edgy and daring with your pieces by changing up your colour,  print and/or material of choice.

Think tank/singlet style with a higher neck line. Its a little sport luxe which is also a massive trend again.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the high beck trend.

high neck

Friday, January 8, 2016

Introducing Ava

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I finally got to meet my gorgeous little girl.

Her name is Ava, and she is everything!

Needless to say I have been absolutely focused on my little girl and sorting myself out with feeding her and just general baby things. I anticipate that time will be quite limited now with blogging but I do intend on continuing on with my posts each week.

I was very fortunate to have a couple of weeks before Ava was born to set myself with pre organized posts but I have now run out of those, so I am working out a realistic schedule!

I expect to get 1 to 2 posts up a week, so please continue on this amazing journey with me, and stay tuned to a end of pregnancy/birth post :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Accessories Trend: Summer 2015

Accessories really make or break an outfit. You can throw on a simple dress, or jeans and shirt ensemble and it can be pretty bland. But add some awesome accessories and it really transforms your style to chic and trendy.

I wanted to focus on three different trends that I have found to be prominent this Spring/Summer season.

Firstly, round framed glasses.  This trend is a nod to the 70s and adds such a cool element to an outfit. We all have to wear sunglasses right? So why not rock the round frames? Round frames most suit faces that are longer or angular. If you have a round face you may want to avoid this trend as it can emphasize your face shape.

Second trend is rose gold.... well everything!!
I've seen some gorgeous dainty pieces of jewelery that throw a nice spin apart from the usual silver or gold basics. I love a rose gold ring, or simple necklace or solid bangle.  I've also seen rose gold on house hold items like clocks, candles, kitchenware, and utensils. What about some rose gold heels?

Third trend is something I think is starting to take off right now. It's the backwards headband. These look amazing with a gorgeous low updo or a half up style. Basically the main part of the headband wraps around the back of the head, and the ends sit on the side of the head with gorgeous decorations. Go rose gold to really smash this trend!!

accessories 2015