Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Accessories Trend: Summer 2015

Accessories really make or break an outfit. You can throw on a simple dress, or jeans and shirt ensemble and it can be pretty bland. But add some awesome accessories and it really transforms your style to chic and trendy.

I wanted to focus on three different trends that I have found to be prominent this Spring/Summer season.

Firstly, round framed glasses.  This trend is a nod to the 70s and adds such a cool element to an outfit. We all have to wear sunglasses right? So why not rock the round frames? Round frames most suit faces that are longer or angular. If you have a round face you may want to avoid this trend as it can emphasize your face shape.

Second trend is rose gold.... well everything!!
I've seen some gorgeous dainty pieces of jewelery that throw a nice spin apart from the usual silver or gold basics. I love a rose gold ring, or simple necklace or solid bangle.  I've also seen rose gold on house hold items like clocks, candles, kitchenware, and utensils. What about some rose gold heels?

Third trend is something I think is starting to take off right now. It's the backwards headband. These look amazing with a gorgeous low updo or a half up style. Basically the main part of the headband wraps around the back of the head, and the ends sit on the side of the head with gorgeous decorations. Go rose gold to really smash this trend!!

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