Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beauty Tools & Extras | Glam Life

In my last Glam Life post, I detailed my daily makeup routine and the products I use.

Today I want to share with you a few of my 'cant live without' tools and extra products that I use daily.

▪ Real Techniques Sponge
I use this every day for my foundations. I dampen it and then squeeze out the excess water. I dot foundation onto my face and then with a dabbing motion with the sponge, I blend it all in. It leaves such a beautiful airbrushed but also natural finish. No heavy lines or cakiness.

▪ ELF Brushes
I love my ELF brushes.  They are so affordable and readily available at Kmart or online. I find their quality to be just as good as some of my higher end brands.

▪ Napoleon Perdis Blending Brush 10r
This was my ultimate brush when I worked for Napoleon and I was sure to buy one when I went into freelancing. It so soft yet dense and blends eyeshadows out amazingly. I have also used it to blend out liquid concealers under the eyes, to give an airbrushed finish.

▪ Daiso Detergent for Puff & Sponge
This stuff is all you need for cleaning your brushes and sponges. It's had a cult following on social media as of late and for good reason. It's best known for how well it cleans beauty sponges. It literally melts foundation out of the sponge like magic. It's under $3 at Daiso too!!

Ebay brushes 
So I've picked up two amazing brushes from a no name brand on ebay. The first being a foundation brush that is pointy and dense. It was around $2 and just as good as the expensive brands. The other brush is a dense fan brush, which is great for swiping some highlighter onto cheekbones. If you search makeup brushes on ebay, lots of options will come up in these styles.

▪ Sukin Facial Treatment Oil
I find that placing a little oil under eyes, helps with stopping foundation and concealer settling into the fine lines and wrinkles.

Sukin Hydrating Toner
I have become obssessed with spritzing my face once I'm finished my makeup - especially if I've powdered my face. It just makes your makeup finish appear more natural by removing an powder residue and leaving you a little dewy. I like to do this before I apply mascara (I do mascara last).

▪ Garnier Perfect Blur
I love to use a mattifying and pore minimising primer on my nose before applying foundation. This will stop any oiliness on my nose, aswell as fill in my pores to create an even canvas.

What are your must have tools and extras?

God Bless

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