Friday, October 7, 2016

Chefs Wife | In The Kitchen

So what are the perks of being a chefs wife?
Well, there's of course the obvious upside of having your very own personal chef. It doesn't always happen but luckily for me I've had 2 meals cooked for me this week - TWO!! (I'm trying for 3 ...hehe)

Oh, another upside is trying fun and interesting new restaurants and eateries in the name of "research". I've become quite a foodie since meeting my husband and to the extent that he often comments that I am the tougher critic! It's true though, I am a hard woman to please in the kitchen but boy can my man cook!

Any down sides - well I hardly get to see him! Which is currently changing (Thank the Lord) due to a little shifting and changing at his work  - so YAY I get my husband back.

ANYWAY I wanted to share a dish my man made for my mum, Ava and I last night. Granted Ava threw most of it on the floor but don't let that deter you from trying out this scrumptious meal for dinner one time.

I got the initial recipe from Pinterest ofcourse and I'll include the link for those who want to follow by the book :)


 So basically I had every intention of cooking this meal and following the recipe to a T. But when I asked Jeremy to cut the chicken up for me (yuck) he offered to continue with the whole meal. Of course I wouldn't say no to that!!
So after a quick peek at the recipe he carried out his magic and added a few extra ingredients like prosciutto and goats cheese to amp it up even more.

Theres is nothing more to say but, It was amazing.

Let me know if you decide to cook this up for dinner by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram!

God bless

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