Monday, October 10, 2016

Decorating Inspiration | #Life

Moving house is the worse.

Like really, it sucks big time. I hate packing, and hate living in that limbo state and I hate the reminants of moving boxes around the house.

We moved house about a month ago now. We were very excited to buy our first home and I was looking forward to having kit own place to make changes to and decorate.
My style up until recently was very cozy and rustic feeling. Lots of creams, greys and greenery. I had wicker accents around the house as well as vintage style items that I had collected over the years. It was a style that I had implemented back in early 2014 and had finally mastered by the end of 2015.......

but earlier this I grew sick of the drab scheme. Scrolling through Pinterest (as I did alot while bub slept on me) I became very intrigued by the electric style that kept coming up on my feed. It was so different and bright and I just fell in love.

I started pinning like crazy and started planning  the decor for when we bought a house. I loved Moroccon decor, bright colours, Indian fabrics, palm trees and ferns and metallic accents. We kept an eye out for items whenever we went shopping and kept a stockpile in the cupboard in anticipation for the big move.
Home Inspo

Over the next few #Life post I'm going share our decorating journey and any stores I suggest or tips I've picked up along the way.

Here is a list of what we found to be the best stores for decorating your house on a budget.

● Kmart, Target & Big W - You can find some amazing items in these stores at fantastic prices. They are so on trend with their items so you are bound  to find what you are looking for.
BEST FOR: Side tables, mirrors, towels, art works & utensils

● Pillowtalk Home (formerly MUSE) - this place is a goldmine especially when the sales are on. They also have a great loyalty program.
BEST FOR: Vases, photo frames, cushions & rugs.

● Earthborn- We have a clearance store near us so we find so many great bargains here.
BEST FOR: Interesting shelf pieces, table runners & photo frames.

● Bed, Bath & Table - Again we have a clearance store nearby so we get items at great discounts.
GREAT FOR: Placemats, dinnerware & Christmas decor.

● Ebay - Needless to say, so an avid Ebay-er, I kept my eye out for some decor items and it certainly delivered.
BEST FOR: Bright cushion covers

● Spotlight - This a place you want to head to if they are having a sale as they can be a little pricey normally.
BEST FOR: Manchester & candles

● Tree Of Life- If you are after eclectic decor then this is an amazing mecca.
BEST FOR: Rugs, throws and cushions

● Typo - We found quirky pieces for around the house with fun prints and quotes in them.
BEST FOR: Wooden letters, quirky prints, calendars, items with fun quotes.

● Discount Stores (Stacks, Choice, Reject Store etc) - alot of these stores stock fun art works, bright frames and bright furniture items. We even found some turkish towels in bright colours!!
BEST FOR: Artworks, frames & vases.

What are some of your favourite decor stores?

God Bless

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