Monday, October 24, 2016

Moving on out | #Life

This past month, Ava has transitioned into her own bedroom. Can I honestly tell you, that's it has been really hard!

I'm an anxious person anyway, and having her in another room, where I cant peer over and check on her, is excruciating at times.

I remember back to when we first had her. I could not understand how you could go to sleep with such a precious life relying on you. How can you stop watching her and keep her safe?? It took a few nights for me to finally sleep properly, and from then I was fine. At this time she was sleeping between Jeremy and I in a specially designed co- sleeping bed (which I HIGHLY recommend and will link here) and so could hear her breathing easily and I learnt quickly that I would wake at the slightest whimper from her - which made me relax knowing I would wake if she needed me.

Then we had to transition her into her own bed, next to our bed. This was pretty painless for me, and took maybe one or two nights to get used to - as she wasn't too much further away.

But it has been this way for the past 8 months, with her being so close to me and I was happy and used to it and I honestly wasn't ready for the her big move to the next room - but we decided that it was best that we get our room back to being just ours, and that she have her own space of her own.

Like I've said, it's been an adjustment for me, especially with my anxiety over her wellbeing....... Is she breathing? Is she cold? Is she comfortable? What was that noise? Is she ok? It's like a constant war zone in my head.

But honestly she is so much happier in her own room (it's likes she graduated and doesn't need me anymore!!??)

Some nights I have brought her into our bed for some of my own piece of mind but she has hated it. She would toss and turn and hit us in the face with her random flinches and she just never seemed to get comfortable. So, I had to relinquish her back to her room where she immediately got comfortable and dropped into a deep sleep. (At that point of the night, I too fell straight asleep once back in bed).

That's not to say that we don't get the odd whinge in the night to come into Mummy & Daddys bed for a cuddle (which I secretly love) and on those nights we happily bring her in for a snuggle and a little power snooze. But we often find that she gets fidgety (and we do too), so I put her back in her room soon after.

So I want to say, that it is hard. It's so hard to put some space between you and your child and it will hurt sometimes but it's healthy and it's part of the process.

Bubba is growing up and I can't stop it!!

How did you go with these transitions?

God Bless

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