Sunday, October 30, 2016

Natural Makeup | Glam Life

This is my go to makeup look. It's quick, it's simple, it only uses a few products and it's just and nice fresh look for everyday.

Let me talk you through how I do it!

1. Start out with fresh, moisturised skin. Apply an oil free sunscreen now and let it sink in.

2. After applying some mattifying primer on my nose and cheeks, I apply my foundation and work in with a damp beauty sponge. Try and keep it sheer to medium coverage. Nothing too heavy. If you have problem skin, use concealer to spot conceal.

3. I apply concealer under my eyes and on any problem areas. I again use a damp beauty sponges to work in for a flawless finish. Lightly dust your face with a translucent powder.

4. Using a contour trio pallette (blush, contour & highlighter), I apply the contour colour below my cheekbones. Go from the middle of your ear towards your mouth but only going as far as in line with the outer part of your eye. Blend it out. I then apply the blush to the apples of my cheek and blend upward towards the top of my ear. Lastly light sweep some highlighter ontop of the cheek bones.  All three colours should blend seamlessly into each other.

5. Using the same contour pallette, use a fluffy brush to apply contour colour to the the crease of your lid. You want to look straight ahead in a mirror and place your brush under your browbone and apply in a windscreen wiper motion. You want to just be able to see this shadow with your eye open. Slightly bring it up a little on the outer corner and blend.

6. With the blush colour, apply with a flat shadow brush all over the lid. Use a fluffy brush to blend any lines. I then grab the highlight colour and apply to the inner corners of the eye.

7. Using a dome or pencil brush, apply she blush colour under your lash line, keeping the density to the outter eye. Grab some of the contour colour and blend in as well. Don't bring the colour into inner corner- fade it out.

8. Keep brows natural by using a tinted brow gel and brush into place.

9. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara (each coat should be about 10-15 swipes - move onto next eye and them go back for second coat)

I love a pink lip on myself but choose your favorite summery colour like coral, nude, rose etc and apply.

God bless

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