Saturday, July 8, 2017

Affordable Makeup Brands

I have been freelancing as a Makeup Artist for over seven years now. I started out by doing family weddings and events, and eventually I started running my own business. So I know a thing or two when it comes to makeup products and techniques.

In my kit, I stock a mixture of products from professional lines and high end brands, as well as a couple of drugstore brands thrown in for good measure. When people pay for a makeup artist, they are also paying for the high-end brands that is expected in a professional kit.

When it comes to my personal makeup kit though, 99% of the time you will find 'drugstore' or affordable makeup brands. One reason is because, as I have mentioned already, I love a good bargain and finding cheaper alternatives. The other reason is because drugstore brands are giving higher end brands a run for their money in quality, so why waste your money?

In future posts, I plan on going into specifics products and my favourites within those categories but today I wanted to talk about makeup brands that I love as a whole and use all the time on myself.

budget makeup brands

Essence is a European brand that popped up in the Australian market a few years ago now. It's relatively new in the makeup world but they are making waves with a very low price point, with liners starting at $2 and foundations around $6. Despite the low price point, the quality is really high for the most part, with many of the products rivalling those from higher brands. In particular, I am a massive fan of their lip range, mascaras, blushes and brow products. On the flip side, I would probably avoid their foundations, setting powder & concealers. Apart from that, you really can't go wrong!

Obviously, by the name, Australis is an Australian based brand. The quality of their products are so great and their diverse range available is just amazing. They have the usual lot of products available, but they also introduced a few products that have really made the brand a front runner in competing against the high end brands.
Firstly, they were one of the first drugstore brands to bring out a contour kit and in a few shade options too. The quality of these kits are so high with superb pigmentation and the price is just so low - how can you go wrong?
Another cult favourite from this brand is their Velourlips line. These matte liquid lipsticks give Jeffery Starr and Anastasia Beverly Hills a run for their money and they have popped up on social media accounts and in professional makeup kits all over Australia.

You can't talk about affordable makeup brands and not talk about Maybelline. I have used so many products from this line over the years and I definitely have some holy grails that have been on repeat for awhile now. Basically you can't go wrong specifically with Maybelline foundations, concealers & mascaras. I will talk about my specific favourites in a future post but honestly I've never really had an issue with any thing from this brand.

It's pretty well known, that Rimmel is a one stop shop for an affordable makeup kit. Again I've had Rimmel in my kit for many years now and I think I even started out with one of my first foundations from there! Again you cant really go wrong with this line, but I tend to always go back to their face powders, eyeliners & lipsticks specifically.

These are the main brands that I tend to make a beeline for when I go shopping and I love the most overall and features the most over the years in my kit. Some other honourable mentions include Covergirl, Ulta3, Mode (available in Coles), Nyx & Loreal.

Keep an eye out for future posts where I talk in more detail about my favourite products/brands for each category of makeup. I may even go into other beauty categories as well, like hair, skin etc! 

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